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Australia Visa UK - Verification

Australia Visa UK - Verification

As soon as your Australia ETA / Australia eVisitor visa is approved, we get an official response ( looks like this) from Electronic Travel Authority of Australia which is an absolute proof that your visa is valid. We let our customer know that immediately. You will also receive a direct email confirmation of your visa approval from Electronic Travel Authority of Australia with a grant number. However, some customers may wish to verify their visa further, though it’s not necessary.

You may contact following agencies who can also verify your Australia ETA Visa status:

  • Any

    Australian Embassy

  • Any

    Australian Visa Office

    . (Full list here)
  • Your Airline
  • Or, by e-mailing

Please note that your airline will automatically check the status of your visa at the airport before departure.

Australia Visa UK Reference Numbers

We provide unique reference number for all Australia ETA / Australia eVisitor visa application that can be used only at our site to verify your visa status. However, you can use visa grant number to check your visa status at government website. E eliminate this extra step for our client to save your time and energy and send a direct confirmation electronically.

The government help section lists this information in the link below. Or, you can read further information on the Department of Immigration site here.


The Department of Immigration's VEVO system is used by schools, organizations, and companies to check the status of potential employees, students, or researchers on the status of their visas. This is widely used to determine the eligibility of these people to begin research, studies, or work.

The VEVO system is also used to check the status of short-term tourist visa. The Reference, Grant, or other numbers that the system asks for are not provided for a subclass 601 Australia ETA tourist visa or subclass 651 Australia eVisitor visa.

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