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Australia ETA Visa - Subclass 601

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Australia ETA Visa Requirements

There are some pre-requirements to apply for an Australia ETA Visa for Tourism and /or Business.

Applicant must meets certain requirements below before applying:

  • At the time of your application you must be located outside of Australia
  • You must be from ETA eligible countries. Full list of eligible countries are here
  • You must be in good health and free from tuberculosis
  • You must disclose if you have any criminal convictions for which you have been sentenced for total period of 12 months or more, even though it hasn’t been served yet
  • Your current passport must be valid at least for 6 months at the time of your application
  • You must provide the details that are exactly the same as appeared on your passport.

Visa conditions:

  • On approval of your Australia ETA visa, you are legally allowed to travel to Australia. This approval lasts for 12 months. You can travel as many times as you want. However, on each visit, you can only stay in Australia for 3 months maximum. You must leave Australia before that three months expiry. However, you are allowed to enter into Australia again for another 3 months as long as your ETA visa is valid or not expired.
  • You must not study for more than 3 months during your stay in Australia.
  • On ETA visa, you are not permitted to do any paid work in Australia. However, you may undertake any business visitor activities, such as business enquiries or attending any conference etc. Therefore, if anyone doing paid work during their travel they will risk themselves being detained or removed from Australia. In addition, they will be liable for all costs related to detention or removal from Australia.
  • Finally, you must carry your valid travel document when entering into Australia. Without the valid travel document you might not be able to enter into Australia or it can be delayed until your identity has been confirmed by the Australian Boarder Protection Authority.
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